Hartskill Review is a journal of contemporary poetry and poetics.  Submissions are open.  We encourage both new and established writers to submit their meaningful, carefully-crafted work.

Hartskill Review pays one contributor copy for accepted work.

If you have published a book/chapbook of poetry and would like to have it reviewed in Hartskill Review, please e-mail jhjalmerlind@gmail.com.

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Hartskill Review is a journal of contemporary poetry and poetics. We encourage you to submit poetry according to the following criteria:
  • Submit 1-3 poems at a time.
  • Gather your submission into one file.
  • Submit poems single spaced on the page.
  • Submit rich, complex, and ambitious poems that reward repeated readings.
  • Submit poems that mean something to you and stand a chance of meaning something to others.
  • Simultaneous submissions are okay (but please notify us if accepted elsewhere).
  • Longer poems welcome.
  • Please include a short biographical note about yourself and your work.
Hartskill Review responds to submissions in 1-4 weeks.