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NOTE: Hartskill Review is on hiatus until further notice and is not accepting submissions.

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Ends on 3/28/2016

The Ottawa Object is a print literary journal that will publish high-quality and intriguing short fiction. It will specialize in strongly focused speculative fiction and compelling, eccentric literary fiction. If your name is George Saunders, you may want to submit something. If you’re a replicant who writes about his birth from the neurons of a pale and driven scientist, you may want to submit something. If you exist only as the imagination of a boy laying in the grass and looking at the stars, you may want to submit something. Heck, even if you’re just a really gifted writer, you may want to submit something.

Submissions should follow these criteria:

* 500-5,000 words
* double-spaced
* stories should be eccentric but convincing
* stories should break into your heart a little, or, failing that, they should break into your head a little

Pays one contributor copy.